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25 June 2010 @ 06:39 am
Hello....WOW i didn't post often O.O

and today i felt so bored....i have my last test tomorrow, chinese test and i can't focus at all
i can't stop thinking about Los Angeles and Jin...HAHA XD
so  i wanted to do an inventory of my collection and holy shit
i scared myself...XD i couldn't take picturess of all the goodies that i have, CD/DVD/Magazines/official pictures/giants posters etc
i put the pictures under the cut if you want to have a look =)
and you could check this site too to see my music collection BUT JMUSIC ONLY! jmusiccollection.free.fr/collectionneurs.php

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27 February 2010 @ 03:55 am
It's been time that i didn't post something so here i go XD hmm i just found a kind of test in a LJ and i did it!
i put it here because like as expected my ichiban is AKAME!! bouhaha xD but i wonder why Maru is 3rd -_- Kame and Jin are 1st so Maru is supposed to be 2nd v__v

if you want to do it go here j-excite.com/kattun-ranker/
RankKAT-TUN Ranking
Favorite (Top) to
Least Favorite (Bottom)
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05 August 2009 @ 11:19 pm
Hello minna

well i finally decide to use my LJ to share my love for JE Boys XD
I'm not god at using LJ but i'll do my best ganbarimasu!!!
My native speech is french so  for all the english speaker i say "sorry" for
my mistakes XD
My favourite JE groups are: KAT-TUN,NEWS,KANJANI8,ARASHI
I like listening to some others groups like Kinki Kids,Tokio,SMAP,V6,Hey!Say!Jump Daisempai too like Shonentai,Otokogumi,Hikari genji
I'm interest in Juniors too: A.B.C.Z,Butoukan,Kis-My-Fts,Mis Snow Man

It's summer vacation for me and for some of you
So I went to France,to the Japan Exposition. (in 2009 xD oh wow we're in 2010 i edited my post lol)
The Japan Exposition is one of  the biggest exposition of the world about Japan (many foreigners go there for example me xD)
It's an occasion for Japan's lover to express their love and an occasion for Japanese to sell
many stuffs for example CD,Magazines,clothes,Food (Ramen,Takoyaki and so on)
The Japan Expo is 4days per year every july and there are many guests for example this year it was
CLAMP,Natsuki Takaya,Ai Yazawa (who was sick so she didn't come), singers like Aoi,Kanon Wakeshima
Many people came there in cosplay,i'll put pictures later for those who are interest ^^

I fell in love there with one stand in particular called "Asian Star Good"
i saw there many official JE stuffs,like uchiwas,Pamphlets,official pictures
it was just crazy XD for all the fans it was just pure happiness. So i bought many JE stuffs
And i hope to go there again next year
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